About Žlutá pumpa

Named after a device that has been standing on the pavement long before the restaurant and is designed to move the fluid from the lower to the higher height, Žlutá Pumpa was built in late 90’s in a place of a former dining room for the elderly.

Many important craftsmen contributed to her construction and decoration, not to mention the artists who impressed her with its unmistakeable visage. 

If you’ll take a glimpse on the interior walls, you will surely be attracted by a number of remarkable abstract frescoes, which are from the works of master Igor Ševčík, an artist whose fame far exceeds the borders of our beloved and beautiful country. Individual pieces are selected, transformed and enlarged paintings from the cycle ‘Bridges’, which has been exhibited in many countries. The size of the painting as a whole is one of the greatest works of our time, and you are fortunate enough to sit right in the middle of it. It is only a small curiosity that an attentive individual can find a self-portrait of the master himself among the frescoes.

The restaurant is located near náměstí Míru at the corner of Belgická and Záhřebská Street.